Full Circle (single)

by scott-allen ft Christina Aguilera

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This is a single for the "Labor of Love" lp Releasing in August 2012


released May 15, 2011



all rights reserved


scott-allen Phoenix, Arizona

I am a people watcher, a wallflower, a father, husband and full time human.

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Track Name: Full Circle
Verse 1
He could smell nothing but gin and ash from the ash tray/
A cigarette still burned on the rim/ from life in this fast lane/
His dad slept on the couch/ looked just like a vagrant /
A child cleaned the whole house/ without a sound to wake him/
Cause if he woke him/ there were scars to show such mistakes/
And if he provoked him/ his father loved to hate/
His dad worked the night shift and wore the same stained t shirt/
It stayed yellow and dingy/ to reflect the way he hurt/ 
And when he came home/ he’d lie and tell him he missed him/
To avoid the hitten/ after the alcohol hit his system/ 
And he as he grew older he knew what the wrong path does/
He said he’d never throw his kids into the bath tub/ 
Or pushed them down stairs or burn them with a lit cigarettes/ 
Or beat them in their sleep by a fatherly silhouette/
And when his father came back years later he hit him/
when his dad asked for his forgiveness he simply would not forgive him/
Christina Aguilera:
Im sorry for blaming you/
for everything I couldn’t do/
and I hurt myself/
by blaming you/

Verse 2
He could even see it coming but God he couldn’t stop it/
Completely exhausted/ she collapse when he lost it
He went ballistic/ swinging wildly and open fisted/ 
An eternity of hurt done in a minute/ before its finished/
He let out a thunderous roar/ from the core of his hurting/
Closing doors and curtains/ making her absorb his cursing/ 
With a swing/ he reach deep inside and shattered her dreams/
With a push he crushed her pride/ and battered everything/ 
She trembled in fear guarding her kids/ from him/ 
And He couldn’t stomach his feelings cause he “hates to love them”/ 
He hates to hurt em/ loves the serve em/ but hates the burden/ 
Loves brag about em/ hates to fight em/ he just hates for certain/ 
“Why do you do this to me” still selfish in his screaming/ 
His dad is his inner demon/ a scapegoat for convenience/  
He looked at her eyes, and she’s completely frightened/ 
He hates his dad, but he found out he’s just like him/ 

Christina Aguilera:
Im sorry for blaming you/
for everything I couldn’t do/
and I hurt myself/
by blaming you/

His hands cupped his face/ and held tears in his palm/
A man corrupts the faith/ of his kids and now there gone/
Broken hearted/ he now wondered how they viewed him/
Alone in his apartment/ he stared at the pictures they drew him/
And he could smell gin and ash from his ash tray/
A cigarette still burned on the rim/ from his life in the fast lane/
And he slumped in his couch/ he had enough and cried out/
Begging for God to answer him alone with the lights out/
He felt the change in his face and yes he made some mistakes/
But someone once told him have faith and be saved by grace/
So he did/ he gave up everything hoping they’d forgive/
Dumped out his bottles cause he knew it’ll be good for the kids/
just for the occasion/ he wore a tie/ and was clean shaven/
hoping to get back in their life if they’d take him/
but it was years later and his oldest just hit him/
and when he begged for forgiveness they simply would not forgive him...

he stood there holding roses broken at the stem/
he sees his father in himself and he needs to forgive him (echoe)