Labor of Love

by scott-allen

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Its been a long year, and I have worked long hours. I have been writing, producing and recording a project I consider my "Labor of Love."During the process of creating this record I have gone through many personal tragedies, heart breaks, and set backs. I invite you to listen to these hardships and my attempt to use music as a form of therapy. You might have some fun, find some common ground to relate to, and maybe even a little good ol fashion Hip Hop...


released September 14, 2012

[Recorded, Mixed and Mastered] at Block Headz Studio by Glad2Mecha
*I Write recorded at Radiant Church by Jordan Santana

All Verses were written by the Artist that performed them.



all rights reserved


scott-allen Phoenix, Arizona

I am a people watcher, a wallflower, a father, husband and full time human.

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Track Name: My Two Cents ft. Playdough
Verse 1
I live where the pulse hits/ in ciphers and pulpits/
In the underground where minds eyes can focus/
So I packed a full bag/ with pens and notepads/
Going to the town of sell outs and old fads/
Where I could be hardcore/ benefit from my art-more/
Sell out my art-form/ get money and a good chart score/
But when I arrived I couldn't do it/
I couldn't betray the music Christ and those who listen to it/
So I just walked the streets/ as city sounds dropped the beat/
watching these flocks of sheep/ making hip-hop obsolete/
But in ciphers it's the god of all/ when God created it/
So if hip-hop is your God then I'm atheist/
I'd rather have no chart hits/ and be a starving artist/
so I can speak the truth and stay real about where my heart is/
cause regardless I need to look into the eyes of my kids/
show them the callouses and tell them I gave all I can give/

There's no path no way no blueprint (MY TWO CENTS)
I do what I do simply cause I like to do it/
theres no rhyme no reason no influence/ (MY TWO CENTS)
I speak what I live and leave it to my music/
There's no path no way no blueprint/ (MY TWO CENTS)
I do what I do cause I simply like to do it/
theres no rhyme no reason no influence/ (MY TWO CENTS)
I speak what I live and leave my two cents/

Its a long road when you set out/ to chase a dream/
And I have the scars that bled out/ but they keeps the faith in me/
I'm at that point in my life/ when I'd rather just play with my kids/
Then sit down and write/ cause I know I gave all I could give/
And I enjoyed the journey/ and I appreciated every hardship/
as the page in life is turning/ I look past the margins/
I look past problems/ but I never forget where I got the scars/
its not that I dont want them/ but Im reminded that the path was hard/
And its no longer cute to be that starving artist/
I don’t want to pour out my heart till I’m empty hearted/
I’ve paid my dues and I want paid back plus interest/
A dreamer never makes a dime when dreams are there only business/
And I get a penny for my thought they say a nickel for a quick-kiss/
And I’ve loved hip hop but never got a dime for the commitment/
So until I get the love back/ look into my eyes when I say this/
Love your culture but dont expect a return on your payments/
Track Name: DayBright
Verse 1
I walk the streets and I fought my beliefs/
Looking for answers to questions that cost me sleep/
I end up trying to pray but it came half hearted/
God I beg your pardon/ but I feel like a target/
cause regardless/ I try to decipher the meaning/
open me up you’d know I require some cleaning/
I’m a open book… that longs to be closed/
Or that glass house surrounded by stone/ bout to be broke/
I was deathly afraid to speak out in crowds/
Till emotion beat out doubt/ and whispers screamed out loud/
I went to a meeting and yes I felt out of place/
There was twelve steps and I was way ahead of the pace/
I want to share my feelings/ and stare at the ceiling/
dealing with the fact my life isn’t always fulfilling/
I take my life story and model it/ to a happy ending/
took emotions swallowed it/ and I kept on pretending/

Verse 2
I’ve had a long night and I’ve had enough cries/
Finding where my love lies/ I watch the sunrise/
And scream at my God while staring at the starlight/
Trying to get my heart right/ through this hard life/
but is faith the art of the foolish?/ did I ignore it/
Or did I fall for it/ I just wanna restore it/
I just want see through the eyes of a child again/
Be innocent while I pretend… I just want to smile again/
But it don’t seem to happen/ with these questions that I‘m trapped in/
They speak in clichés so I’m a keep on asking/
And I can feel them stare at me/ and I can hear the whispers/
They don’t like the challenge as I compare the Scriptures/
if they could only open there eyes they’d see inside
There’s more to life/ then being what everyone expects to find/
But there’s a smile on my face/ its all I can give back/
They look at the packaging to them its all about the gift wrap/

Verse 3
Truth is hard to grasp/ when your hearts collapsed/
Am I such a flawed human being that my scars adapt/?
Am I talking wisdom/ or a walking contradiction/?
I know I talk too much and rarely stop to listen/
So I hold tight to my religion/ and that’s what I’m lost in/
Ideas continue to blossom/ but there stuck in by doctrine/
And we’re all cut from the same cloth/ separated by margins/
Some learn to count the cost/ others excel in the hardships/
and I was told all my life that faith is blindly believing/
But that’s the same excuse every cult has ever tried to feed me/
All I’ve heard is a promise/ and I’ve searched the longest/
But sometimes I have to feel the hole like my name is Thomas/
And if that makes me unclean then so be it/ so be it
And if that makes me unchristian then I don’t need it/
Because God is more to me than the Sunday morning illusion/
He’s More then a ritual people trying not to be human/
Track Name: Ladder of Jacob
Verse 1
Fervent minds/ uncircumcised/ victimized through serpent eyes/
The spirit searches lives/ while another servant dies/
Souls represent religious merchandise/ with certain ties/
Hear the curtain cries/ in the mind where perversion lies/
The person cries while they feed the forsaken men/
With flavoring of flagrant sin/as savoring the sacred binge/
that there flavored in/ I see the lord breaking in/
Taking men/ Who are broken in pieces and recreating them/
I know its intense Yahweh’s grace prolongs his vengeance/
In a instant you can secure eternal life through repentance/
prayers arelike incense getting sweeter by the sentence/
The fragrance of you statements gives patrons eternal placement/
To abba your adjacent/ in your heart where he’s stationed/ face it
Your hearts taken/ and he’ll never leave you forsaken/
So awaken from your slumber/ the righteous are outnumbered/
Hear the cries of our hunger/ Babylon is not our mother…


Verse 2
Correlation God is 7/ 11 is Aquarius/
baring water to baptize half lies are hilarious/
Speaking vacuous statement which are various/
Who wants to praise the queen of heaven is that who marry is/
I mean Samarians/ betrayed Judas Iscariot pay the price/
No idols of Gold and Silver can save you life/ play your heist/
Your fame is nice/ like numbers on the painted dice/
The game is trifle// like the tongue no man can tame his light/
New jeru speech native/ worship the seeds of David/
Your dreams are wasted in city streets that preach hatred/
Urban labyrinth crisis and blasphemous devices/
Mixed message of safe sex and abstinent advices/
The glamorous entice this/ while the hazardous ignite this/
Retrospect to resurrect like Lazarus in Christ is/
We gots to live righteous/ seek the most high not psychics/
Receive yahshuah of Nazareth where true eternal life is/


Verse 3
He finally got to me/ when he fulfilled messianic prophesy/
Holy democracy lamb slain died on the cross for me/
He first agape me/ the humble king who reigns in sovereignty/
I once was a wayward child but he adopted me/
Glory to hosanna provider of manna and the/
Open womb for Hanna/ he Yahweh Nisei Lord our banner/
It’s the most high God the earth is his throne/
The eternal God who wont forsake you or ever leave you alone/
Yashuah gives us peace so its Yahweh shalom/
Check the nail prints in his hands and the piercing of his bone/
Where words became flesh born of the linage of Seth/
Abba father true God Elohe Emeth/ just check the text/
Elohem supreme being all seeing divine nature/
Outlast the landscapes of space he’s the creator/
He clutch the dust and by his touch bones constructed/
And by Gods breath through mans nostrils life Erupted/
Track Name: Long Road
Verse 1
I'm haunted by that one-night/ cigarettes and bud-light/ 
Needles and prescription bottles anger his blood-type/ 
Silhouettes of his belt off and hand cocked-back/
So many welts she lost-track/ and she never fought-back/
And all you could hear was her scream with her mouth-closed/  
Because a good mother hides her pain from the rest of the house-hold/
And he never held-back/ every time we heard the belt-slap/ 
He feasted on our fear and I'd swear to God I felt-that/ 
He fell on the couch/ with a beer in his hand and passed-out/
So she pulled her bags-out/ and left me in the trashed-house/
She knelt down to leave one kiss/ still swollen from punches/
Her heart plummets/ and will never know what love is/
And what he touches/ he destroys/ I can still hear the noise/
I can still feel the void/ and the fear he enjoyed/ 
So I sat down and gazed at the belt he always hit-us-with/ 
The needle where he'd get-his-fix/ and the heroin he'd get-it-with/
And as I watched the cigarette burn down in his ash-tray/
I filled up his needle and I pulled the belt up his arm half-way/ 
I tightened it like he taught me/ and injected it into his body/
He opened his eyes softly/ and I told him that I was sorry/
As his pupil rolled back into his eyelids/ it's set in stone/
He became lifeless/ so I put on my headphones/
On the couch in an empty house with my dad next to me/
The needle stuck out his arm I push play and blared public enemy/ 

It’s a long road filled with obstacles and pot holes
It’s a long road it takes a toll to heal those lost souls/ 
It’s a long road far from home I walk slow/
taking the path less traveled when I take the long road/

Verse 2
For months I went to bed but I never slept/ I never cried/ 
I never dreamt cause my dreams lied/ whenever I tried/ 
And I was scared of strange beds where monsters grow/
With a family I'd never know/ thrown into a foster home/
By myself with my smile buried I was alone and scared/
But there another alone in there/ and I know she cared/
She watched my heart and from that time we were never apart/
up late at night and talked cause she was afraid of the dark/ 
And I'd listen to every story some true some far fetched/ 
She showed me the scar on her neck/ and told me about the car wreck/
And how here parents died/ and how her brain swelled just enough/ 
She became afraid of the dark cause she couldn't see for months/
Some times it was too much to take/ both scared stuck and awake/ 
Listening to the radio late/ for new songs to dub to some tapes/ 
It was our love our escape/ and like me… the music got to her/ 
two kids in foster care/ torn apart when someone adopted her/
and I had nothing to give her except the tapes we collected together/
we were unexpectedly severed/ and she always said she'd be there forever/ 
but she didn’t... so I brought myself to a place to hate her/ 
I closed my eyes to hide my tears and pushed play on the tape player and

It’s a long road filled with obstacles and pot holes
It’s a long road it takes a toll to heal those lost souls/ 
It’s a long road far from home I walk slow/
taking the path less traveled when I take the long road/

Verse 3 
Now time came and went/ and I always learned to change with it/
I was up to facing it/ but adoption I just wasn’t made for it/
Regardless a pastor brought me home to raise me/
Hell bent on trying to change me/ taking my music to restrain me/ 
And when he spanked me I hit him back/ opinions I’ll give them that/ 
But don’t make me follow what I don’t believe so “GOD” I ain’t I living that/ 
And I don’t need my tape player/ I learned to write rhymes myself/ 
And I don’t need father’s discipline I have a lifetime of welts/
But as God would have it/ that summer we got new neighbors/
And they had an adopted girl my age and she had my tape player/
She had the mixed tapes and of course the scars on her neck/
She had my heart It was hers to take/ but it was hardened to death/
And we cried we hugged/ and it slowly softened from her love/
To me that was enough she kept telling me that’s not what it was/ 
She said she’s no longer scared of the dark/ but she still stayed with me/
She wouldn’t lay with me but we held hands and she began pray with me/
And I resisted but each word that was spoken seemed to buckle my knees/
Each word made me feel broken I white knuckled and squeezed/
I couldn’t breathe and I have no strength Oh God I don’t deserve this/
I stayed on my knees I trembled in his grace and became his servant/
And I married that girl she’s sitting right over there in the front row/
I owe her the world but I kept my promise and I never let her go/
And my father never gave up on me and he never gave in/
And now I’m here to take up as pastor for the church God gave him/
Track Name: Beautiful Princess
Verse 1
Its was like a day dream/ it’s was a heart that blossoms/
It was the way things are when she found a heart to walk in/
It’s the subtle way/ colors changed on that sunny day/
It’s the sudden gaze given that makes me run away/
And I was caught off guard/ for more than a little while/
She’s got my heart/ with just a flash of a simple smile/
And I can’t explain it/ but it’s more than a secret crush/
Its something I need enough/ to make me dream of love/
It must be the way she carries herself/ that got to me/
Or the way she dresses sexy by doing it modesty/
Or maybe it’s how she can fill a heart with just a few words/
She talked to me like I knew her/ oh I wish I knew her/
She was like the sunray/ that broke through dark clouds/
And one day/ I hope to tell her what my hearts all about/
But I doubt/ if she’d know what our love would grow to be/
But she passes me by and her heart doesn’t notice me/


Verse 2
It was a tiny glance at first/ that gave me a chance at her/
I wanted this so bad but I watch it crash and burn/
It was a moment I missed that could of change my life/
Its feelings that came to light/ she could of became my wife
It was pages of poetry written with the faded lines/
To express each emotion that would of came to mind/
It was for how I’ll wait in line/ and try to become a friend/
It’s for love in the end/ It hoping love isn’t pretend/
It’s how it carries me as I hold on to its coat tails/
Knowing that if hope fails/ that this love wont prevail/
It’s too much for me to handle/ its the doubt I feel/
I watch you in slow motion everything else stands still/
It’s the way you look through me/ its just the one chance/
Its each moment given to me/ that makes my soul dance/
It’s the way I completely believe that you all I need/
Its our life together replayed in the time it take to blink/


Verse 3
It’s like you’re my muse/ my source of bright days/
You’re the color and hues that contort life’s gray’s/
Your the voice I wish to hear I’d do anything for you/
With a smile I get to wear/ hoping one day to court you/
And I searched so long for just the right words to say/
but the thought of rejection always had me turn away/
I pray that God just grant a wish/ and lets me have a kiss
So I can honor her in her presence as in her absence/
I’ll put words to actions/ and just go and ask her/
open up my self cause she’s all that matters/
and I gonna share my heart/ and offer her everything/
till we can’t bare to part/ and I Foster her every dream/
I just need to build up the courage/ I don’t think I can do it
I know our love can flourish I just need to prove it/
So I’ll walk up to her and have my love expressed
See her smile as she glances back and says …
Track Name: I Write
Its for me, myself, my life/ my perspective/
for the need of expression/ for the life lessons/
for the hard questions/ when no one was hearing it/
For my embarrassment of America's arrogance/
It's for the homeless/ trailer trash and lower class/
The college grads/ republicans and the democrats/
transients/ nay Sayers/ and the vagabonds/
For the wisdom I found when they let me tag along/
For the bandwagons/ the outcast/ and the has-beens/
It's for wise words to out last and understand them/
It's for that half smile/the frown or last tear/
And it for the last mile/ I hoped too of finished last year/
Its my opinion I followed when no one couldn’t swallow it/
Its my heart beat/ my religion/ and its my politics/
And its my write of passage/ I earned from the start/
I cut off my hands and write straight from the heart/

It's for those starving artist/ wallflowers black sheep/
It's for the napkins I write on when I lack sleep/
It those tattered notebooks/ and pens with black ink/
Its life forcing music to take a back seat/
It’s for the broken doctrine/ It’s the letters with dear johns/
Its for the hope in the hardships/ that seem to last all year long/
Its for the family of the military/ and the fallen soldiers/
Its for those who still fight let’s call them all homeward/
It's for the journey the struggle/ the times when you stumble/
It's my own rebuttal it's for all the things that we juggle/
its for the introverts and it’s for the silver spoons/
its the purpose of artist/its for life’s bitter tune/
its for the blue collared workers/its for the facades/
for the tear jerkers/ its the way I worship my god/
It fear of love and its my tears of blood left on the paper/
Its how I romance my music when others will rape her/

I WRITE to bring my art/ to speak my heart/
Give me a pen and pad and I’ll leave my mark/
I WRITE to speak my mind/ to seek and find/
Give me a mic and I’ll keep the dreams alive/
I WRITE to teach the lesson/ keep em guessing
Give me a soapbox and I’ll bring perspective/
I WRITE to change a life/ with strength to fight/
To lead a revolution with the words that we write/ X2
Track Name: Heartship
Verse 1
He’s a quiet man/Toting his personal revolutions/  
with no influence/ he whistles a melancholy music/ 
A frail figure to look up to for the drop outs and vagrants/
He went all out to make it/ but learn failure is contagious/ 
He learned it from his father/ the ways of the drifter/
With the coins in his cup and the call of “hey mister”/
Could you spare some change or a draft of your cigarette/
Do you care if I blame and resent those who give me less/
He was that makeshift man/ who dreamt those dreams/
So real he had learn to deal with what he really believed/
He was a man child/ worn down by the hardships/
His last smile was torn down when his feeling were discarded/
Like the garbage he eats next to the home he constructed/
In the alley behind nowhere/ he’ll tell you what hard luck is/
He’ll give you his broken doctrine/ recycled for those who listen/
He will leave no mark on the world and no one will miss him/

Can you hear a whisper can you hear his voice/
he opens up his mouth and you never hear a ....
can you hear his heartbeat screaming remember me/
and in his place just a distant memory/

Verse 2
It’s started with the what ifs and what now’s/
Broken hearted from what love is/ he became a drop out/
He married when she was pregnant/ love was his disguise/
With a demon in a bottle/ and 100 yard stare in his eyes/
They lived in a small apartment/ sharing small pieces of their heart/
But she never could compete with his need for the bar/ 
She was by herself for doctor visits and he was holding a bottle/
He was afraid of the Commitment and being a role model/
When it was all said and done/ he was obsessed with what he wasn’t/
He couldn’t count his blessings when he was no longer a husband/
No longer a father, no longer a man/ 
He had to sit and understand/he can only give what he can/
And when he was all tapped out, he tried to give more regardless/
But he learned to give too much then suffer with the hardships/
He knew it couldn’t last/ and he had the scars that resemble them/
A man widdle down to nothing and no one to remember him/


Verse 3 
If your heart is where the home is/ I guess I’m homeless/
And if there is love at first sight then I guess I lose focus/
And if time heals all wounds/ then time is my cup of tea/
But the windows to my soul aren’t open enough for me to see/
I’ve made a lot of mistakes/ in other peoples shoes/
What goes around comes around/ so stop before I puke/
Im like the snake that gives you the apple Eve bit into/
Or a cancer with in you that your just dying to live through/
I feel like the first pilgrim/ to steal land from the natives/
Or like that first trip that brought Africans on slave ships/
I’m like that first plane that crashed into Manhattan/
Or the truck that brought that assassin/ to Oklahoma to attack them/
I'm my worse enemy and I destroys everything I touch/
I turned from God and now I wait to see me self destruct/ 
I wish I could just fold myself inside out/ and have me revealed
Show you my heart and why it needs to be healed/ like what
Track Name: Children Cry
I trudged through the hard times cause I lost the bright days/
I loved through your dark times and still watched our life change/
Words can't explain this kind of pain/ and tears took the strength out/
to busy trying to find the blame/ till my heart just gave out/
and the truth is love is a choice you weren't willing to make/
to selfish to silence the voice that was sealing your mistake/
and what we built together you destroyed and called it revenge/
and what we felt was severed and left void only God could mend/
Dear Zoe its ok to cry… dad understands how you feel/
Just remember how I held you at night/ we found way to heal/
I’ll always cuddle and love you/ always wrestle and hold you/
I will always be here to undo/ all hurt that we have to go through/
I never wanted our family broken/ I never wanted your mom to leave/
I never wanted the words spoken to shattered the hearts on our sleeve/
But life is what it is/ even though it’s killing us inside/
I will give what I can give/ cause everythings going to be alright

I want to go back to a place in my life when everything seemed alright/

Verse 2
I hate these rose colored glasses in hatred I had to break the lens/
I barely had the stregnth with in to never make that mistake again/
She slept with one of my best freinds to get her pillow talk/
Then turn the tables and tell me it was all my fault/
I didn’t even notice/how she left me to nothing at all/
She continued rather than to focus/ on how she left me to fall/
And I watched kids suffer/ while she denied the effects on their heart/
I wondered/ the pressure they were under/ when she tore us apart/
Dear Jayden your daddy’s little girl/ and you hug me like no one else does/
Together we can pretend there’s a world/ where mom and dads are in love/
I will always be here to tuck you in/ I will always be here to comfort you/
I will always be here love you even when/ I can’t always be in front of you/
And I never wanted us torn apart/ I never wanted our family to split up/
I never wanted a broken heart/ and I never wanted our us to give up/
But life is what it is/ and know I loved your mom and really tried/
You’re the sole reason I live /and I am sorry you saw your daddy cry/
Track Name: Full Circle
Verse 1
He could smell nothing but gin and ash from the ash tray/
A cigarette still burned on the rim/ from life in this fast lane/
His dad slept on the couch/ and looked just like a vagrant /
This child cleaned the whole house/ without a sound to wake him/
Cause if he woke him/ there were scars to show such mistakes/
And if he provoked him/ he knew pain could cause hearts to break/
His dad worked the night shift and wore the same stained t shirt/
It stayed yellow and dingy/ to reflect the way he hurt/
And when he came home/ he’d lie and tell him he missed him/
To avoid the hitten/after the alcohol hit his system/
And he as he grew older he knew what the wrong path does/
He promised himself he would never throw his kids into a bath tub/
Or pushed them down stairs or burn them with a lit cigarettes/
Or beat them in their sleep by a fatherly silhouette/
And when his father came back years later he hit him/
His dad asked for his forgiveness he simply would not forgive him/

Christina Aguilera sample:
Im sorry for blaming you for everything I couldnt do/
and I hurt myself by always blaming you/

Verse 2
He could even see it coming but God he couldn’t stop it/
Completely exhausted/ she collapse when he lost it
He went ballistic/ swinging wildly and open fisted/
An eternity of hurt done in a minute/ and before its finished/
He let out a thunderous roar/ from the core of his hurting/
Closing doors and curtains/ making her absorb his cursing/
With a swing/ he reach deep inside and shattered her dreams/
With a push he crushed her pride/ and battered everything/
She trembled in fear guarding her kids/ from him/
And He couldn’t stomach his feelings cause he “hates to love them”/
He hates to hurt em/ loves the serve em/ but hates the burden/
Loves brag about em/ hates to fight em/ he just hates for certain/
“Why do you do this to me” still selfish in his screaming/
His dad is his inner demon/ a scapegoat for convenience/
He looked at her eyes, and she’s completely frightened/
He hates his dad, but he found out he’s just like him/

Im sorry for blaming you for everything I couldnt do/
and I hurt myself by always blaming you/

His hands cupped his face/ and held tears in his palm/
A man corrupts the faith/ of his kids and now there gone/
Broken hearted/ he now wondered how they viewed him/
Alone in his apartment/ he stared at the pictures they drew him/
And he could smell gin and ash from his ash tray/
A cigarette still burned on the rim/ from his life in the fast lane/
And he slumped in his couch/ he had enough and cried out/
Begging for God to answer him alone with the lights out/
He felt the change in his face and yes he made some mistakes/
But someone once told him have faith and be saved by grace/
So he did/ he gave up everything hoping they’d forgive/
Dumped out his bottles cause it would be good for the kids/
just for the occasion/ he wore a tie/ and was clean shaven/
hoping to get back in the life of his wife if she’d take him/
but it was years later and his oldest just hit him/
and when he begged for forgiveness they would not forgive him/
he stood there holding roses broken at the stem/
and realized he was his fathers child… and now he had to forgives him
Track Name: Shadows
Dear God I’m so sick of me I’m so tired of my excuse/
I’m just to quick to speak and always make like the fool/
I cast your seeds to the stones so I reap what I had sown/
In charge of a little and did nothing more to grow/
Always slow to listen to prideful to see what you have/
I know to much for wisdom/ and only pray on my behalf/
I’m selfish and dirty/ I curse your name with a forked tongue/
I’m helpless and unworthy/ and still you show more love/
I can do nothing but weep/ tears pour out onto your feet/
And I wipe them with the broken pieces of heart on my sleeve/
I felt exposed, and Jesus I offer you this broken man/
A soul defeated I have nothing more this is what I am/
Take me and cleanse me/ see these roots upend these/
Break me have me emptied/ broken hearts he mending/ 
I tried to wear your crown and it was much too heavy/
I found you in the shadows when I felt unloved and empty/


When I face the hard times I turn to what I last fought/
Trace the scar lines and ash to days of sackcloth/
I’m tired of the hard truth/ I’m tired of trying to argue/
I open up just enough for you to pull my heart through/
And It’s the same problems with the same late answers/
It’s the same heartbreak and same fake laughter/
And I’m back to where I was/ I couldn’t adapt to the love/
But that’s my pitfalls with the same facts to confront/
And it’s that same feeling of being removed of your honor/
It’s being given the river of life then polluting the water/
It’s the drawbacks/ with the same old fall backs/
It’s that long path/ away from were I always feel strong at/
Its 30 pieces of silver/ its feeling the holes in your hands/
It’s the rooster crowing in front of the sacrificial lamb/
It’s the tears that fall to your feet/ I crawl to my knees/
It’s the breaking when I realize that you’re all that I need…


Abba Father is there someway/ I can thank you for sunrays/
For the one way/ when I finally understand better is one-day/
For the breath I breathe/ in life and what’s left to see/
For the heart the beats/ when my wife is next to me/
For fixing the hard heart and that withered smile/
For being there for the hard parts and the bitter miles/
For the band aid on my scared heart/ from the sinners trails/
For the last day I sought God and found my inner child/      
I want to thank you/ you were there when no one else was/
I want to thank you/ you loved me when no one else does/
And I tend to ignore months of guilt cuts that built up/
Thank you for having me broke then fixed and filled up/
And when the burden was to much and you where baring it/
It’s for the times I put down my cross and you went to carried it/
For the times when I turned my back and spent my inheritance/
Better is one day with you than a life full of experience/ (thank you)
Track Name: Do you Remember ft Glad2mecha, Ill Treats
Do you remember the music before the influence/

When students/ of the genre spoke it more fluid/ 

When the tampering of vast samples was legal/ 

When neighborhood beef was settle by battling people/

Back when the DJ was still the most intricate part/ 

When the beat box was still considered an art/

When battles over breaks/ gave rights to take names/ 

And the shake of some paint/ turned buildings into frames/

This was before ad spots/ before the endorsements/ 

Before the cash crop/ when each word was important/
Before hip hop music climbed to the top of the charts/
But now it’s all about there wallets they forgot about there hearts/

Hook by illtreats

Verse 2 Glad2mecha

Verse 3
Sometime id like to sit down at the bus stop/
To get away from the bling bling and the gunshots/
And get back to the groups, Aiddas shoes and puma jackets/
Back to when rapping was more than just rapping/
The lesson that life gives and the essence of rhyming/
The answer is golden but question is priceless/
How much to do I love it/ well I love it enough/
Not to be able to tell you just how much I love it/
And I’ll always be a rapper/ with quarter inch adapters/
A needle as a finger tips/ my mind a sampler/
And they say hip-hop is dying and I say it isn’t/
It won’t die if you stop looking at it like a business/
Track Name: Powder and Paint ft. Talent Kills
I think we started on the right path, stealing all that others had,
modern day society is living in the past.
All idolers to the dollar sign, keeping credit cards in mind
closing up the curtain to exert the worth of first class.
Who put the laughter into slaughter? Harassing all our daughters,
making sense though of Jim Jones packets in the water.
Choking lumps from my throat, while asserting all I know
squirting blood for all the children who are hurting, on your fur coat.
Behold the pale horse, flashing peace signs to the air force
bringing up the rear with a tear for all we care for.
This beautiful existence, with humans as a sickness,
infected with the rich it's hard to glimpse the bigger pictures now.
Caring for your fellow man, there to lend a helping hand
or selling to the devil for a space to park your caravan.
Begging for a better plan, promises of never-land,
turned into deceit from the dreams of the American.

Little bit of powder little bit of paint/
makes a women look like what she aint/
a black widow makes love and kills its mate
with a little bit of powder and a little bit of paint/

terrorist rebel causes, revolutionary groups/
assemble scores of sheep converting livestock to troops
utilities run, IRS the bureau as my targets/
melting frozen status hoodlums and harlots/
solo underground tactics got high powered officials nervous/
more espionage in the white house then the secret serves
number of mindless droids are worthless but persist/
through the shameless void walk the brainwashed militants/
government agencies broken down by hackers/
congressional figures exposed as puppets and actors/
powerful conglomerates fall to ingenious schemes and plans/
confidence conquering with blood on their hands/
with air tight force field economic growth punctured/
I corrode lackluster greed based infrastructure/
change led by brains stuck in societies chains/
corrupt the NASDAQ and the stock exchange/
fiscal disabilities while the millions find humility/
all in the name of obsolete bureaucratic facility/
mad enough to call the entire earths bluff/
ponder your worth the rock foundation is now dust/
Track Name: Whiskey Lullaby
see video here