Life is Art ep

by scott-allen

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As with any album or song I do the “Life is Art” ep is a very personal and emotional body of work. I am inspired by life and the way people deal with hardships and trials. The album is a collection of songs/poems that reflect life as an art form, below is a brief explanation of my rhyme and reason for the song being created. This is available for free download in the [media] tab, I hope you enjoy it and please contact me with your thought. scott-allen Available for free


released December 1, 2006



all rights reserved


scott-allen Phoenix, Arizona

I am a people watcher, a wallflower, a father, husband and full time human.

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Track Name: Happy Guy
Verse 1

Why is life like it is? He loves his wife and kids/

But gave half his life so his family can live/

He looks in an empty fridge/ and ignores it after/

Turning his attention to climbing his corporate ladder/

And soon the sun will rise/and his day already started/

He gives the wife a kiss and he leaves the apartment/
Complete with his tie and suit/ he drives the commute/

In gridlock he arrives late, ready to try an excuse/

He works up a sweat just hoping for his pay off/

He works through his day off/ just to avoid the layoffs/

All morning/ he wished for financial freedoms/

Warning himself to not bite the hand that feeds him/

But the hours murder/ with his keyboard and cursor/

He works away his life with hopes to go further/

He pretends and plays the part of the exec type/

but wants to take off this noose we call a neck tie/


I walk the lonely street (a day in the life of…)

I watch the people pass me by (just a day in the life of)

I used to smile and say hello (right)

I guess I was just a happy guy (a happy guy)

Verse 2

He walks through the door/ too tired for rapport

He needs space as he drops his briefcase to the floor/

It’s a chore just to bury himself in the couch/

His burden is heavy and he carries them with a slouch/

His wife greets him/ with a kiss and shows a grin/

Their night is short cause he took work home with him/

He says he missed her/ as she fed him dinner/

He just wants to be with her/ but he’s the bread winner
So he has to spends his time/ on a hunt for blunders/
Forced to work on reports/ he’s crunching numbers/

His wife feels like making love but cries instead/

He misses his kids cause they went right to bed/

His eyelids are heavy/ and he looks twice his age/

Yet he works steady/ wishing for a nice escape/

so he goes for a walk/ cause life has him trapped/

he turns to walk away and life stab him in the back/

Verse 3

It’s just another few hours just another sleepless night/

Just another underpaid project to keep him from his wife/
Another assignment done in silence/

Another deadline on a report that was done in confinement/
He’s tired of the face pace tired of the sad face/

That greets him after hours of being stuck in the rat race/
He’s tired of not knowing where he’s headed/

He’s tired of corporate edits because he never gets the credit/

But he continues his walk and it’s getting late now/

He wants to go home see his kids and lay down/

Tomorrow will be another day and after that the same/

Chalk up today as a day with no change/

But he hates his job more than he hates being alive/

And if you saw him on the street he’s just that happy guy/
He works to show love for his family cause they need it/
Not knowing when he arrives to work he’ll find his pink slip/
Track Name: Just a Kiss
Verse 1

Hello my name is Matthew, and another one left me/

It’s been a long night and I’m drinking till I’m friendly/

I think you’re beautiful and I’m well rehearsed/

Treat her like she likes, and I’ll treat her like the first/

I need a meaning, for my life tonight/

And you’re believing that you’re just my type/

Your stomachs so small, and I like your tattoo/

And I’m feeding off your vision, what’s it like seeing you/

Its 3:30, she says with a grin/

She says she’s hungry; she’s with a group of friends/

I’m taking notes in the back of my memory/

Cause I like writing songs, about the history in front of me/
We get in her car, and I’m in the back seat/

Arrive to the diner, here were loud with 7 speaks/

I can’t stop thinking, how long it’s been/

Since I felt desired, miss I’m ready to begin/

And I can’t stop thinking we’ve been through this before/
Heart goes sinking, I want it more/
Were getting nowhere but that’s not a red light/
Fight baby fight for your right to live the night/ (echo)

Sub Hook:
Come and Go just one time x2

Verse 2

On myself, one too many times/

Looking at her smile, and I’m undressing her blind/

I’m not desperate, no let me explain/

I have a tendency of liking to complain/

And over the years, it’s only gotten worse/

It’s like I’ve been hurt, but I’ve hurt some too/

So I travel through life riding the fences/

I threw my heart around and now feel breathless/
Something new, she smells like mall perfume/

Huh I don’t need to get to your bedroom/

Just a kiss, something to miss/
Instead of regret,
the ground is soaking wet/

I took her out of that diner/

And picked a leaf off her windshield/

Inside hearts heavy perspire/

And we kissed with two smokes and an emptied out lighter/


Into her car, heading towards her house/

Back and forth smiles, music playing loud/

Were taking back roads, and I want to fall in love/

Punch me in the stomach; I just need to feel a touch/

Hey come on love me today/

I don’t need an explanation, what is marriage anyway/

I’m good at fighting, and I’m pretty good at holding hands/
So let me pretend that Matthew understand/

I’m in her house, no wait it’s her friends/

I start to think that we would never make sense/

I’m just a face a mouth at a bar/

Just trying to find a woman and make it to the car/

As my eye lids fell and began to shut down/

I lick my lips, just to hear that sound/

Then proceeded to fall asleep/

Another random woman, she will never know the me/
Track Name: Sunrise,Sunset
Verse 1

I sit alone and invite death as people walk the street/

My medal shown to invite contempt for the flocks of sheep/
The cost too steep/ as my country now condemns me/

They walk by pretending/ that they didn’t even send me/

I just want to matter as I beg for change to fill my cup/

But I just the same/ I rather beg for change to heal my cuts/

Look at me I gave you my legs and you ruined my life

I fight for your country and instead I lose my wife/

You abuse my sacrifice ignore that I am still a man/

If you only knew wished a hundred times that I was killed in Nam/

If you only knew what how memories resisted time/

Or the taste of spit and hate behind the picket signs/

If beauty is skin deep and what’s inside is important/

Id love to shed this skin and donate my organs/

Cause the only thing that stays the same is the change/
Except for me I stay the same…yeah I always stay the same/

Sunrise Sunset … swiftly through the day

Verse 2

I sit on my soapbox and put my hopes in my old thoughts/
And the daily routine of ignoring dreams and hope lost/

I can banter and tell the life story of every bystander/
Rushing though life so fast I swear there gonna die faster

Yet they forget what’s important/ and wont submit/

And I’m that dirty monument that won’t let them forget/
I’m that everyday nothing/ in the middle of nowhere/

But I’m that old soul with a burden to let go here/

Just the soldier who fought wars across boarders/

But I come home to fight Americans and flocks of reporters/
With blood on my hands/ and a lot of regrets/

Yes I’m sorry but at the same time can I get innocents/

Now I’m part of you city streets/ for you to pity me/

Know I’m judging you as you walk by and trip on me/

And cuss and spit on me/ when I’m just getting by/

So let me run the race that has no finish line/


Verse 3

I wear my heart on my sleeve my soul on my face/

And it’s hard to believe I’m still in control of my fate/

I grab a cigarette butt and I smoke what’s left/

I shower in the rain and hope to confront death/

But I confront life/ with all the dreams I can foster/

I want to fight off each breath/ but it seems to be harder/

I want to make a choice but can seem to do it/

I’m wise man who always does things that are foolish/

I’m that fly on the wall with advice I wont heed/

I have so much to say and my hearts broke on my sleeve/

I left so many foot prints/ the path not yet revealed/

Another battle as I fight for my next meal/

With so much to say before the end of my last day/

Its my last stage/ and the street my ashtray/

The gutters my backstage and I’ll give a fitting performance/
But people just walk by and the city ignores it/


another sunset another sunrise
the only way to know another day passed by
the only way to know another day passed the time
Track Name: Plague of Language
Rhyme schemes and fine lines I write on constellations/
Pipe dreams define rhymes with mind precipitations/
Seep through mic seems and decline the invitation/
To rearrange the skyline with rhyme manipulation/
As the sonic weight of language shifts tech tonic plates/
The constant strain acquainted took all its strength/
The earth crush erupts ill-fated sonic quakes/
But abrupt abolished fate as demolished the fakes/
But I splash the canvass and entice the planet/
Attack mind fabrics enlight those who inhabit/
Pull down a comet from the planets highest attic/
Use its tale to write phonics on the planets tablet/
I sow the sky shut and mend stars together/
Compose tight enough to blend quasars forever/
But beauty in a blend and birth a song created/
View these endeavors as a simple plague of language/

When I speak I scrape pallets with transmitted speech/
Each word inked secretes talent and depicts a masterpiece/
But tabooed arts is a gravity what a tragedy/
Tattooed on the heart and held by laws that saddens me/
So I romance the paper have words dance and labor/
Take a chance with razor tongues advances slowly taper/
Deface the Sistine ceiling have art subpoena/
Recreate that feeling and stab the heart of the Mona Lisa/
Rewrite history at blistering speed of word debris’s/
Delight his mysteries that hinder me and repaint marquee’s/
In painted potpourri and explain how sunsets bleed/
Or how autumn leave fall to feed these unset seeds/
But ideas grow to branch our expressive growth/
It’s a galleria choose to impact untended souls/
I blend in control and write purely to awaken/
Earlobes and minds eyes with this plague of language/
Track Name: Opus f iq
Verse: 1
Why was the question/ that beckoned/

My innermost essence/weary eyes etch tears when untended/

In the light shadowed by my condemnation misplacement/

I long for god and I to be adjacent but I was faced with/

With my own fingers pointed/ told my life is anointed/

Now I’m Judas head hung in utter disappointment/

On the path yet to be walk knowing the cost/

I wore a crown of pride showcasing my flaws/

But I grasp onto grace what I lack in was faith/

To life to its lengths/ and ask God for his strength/

As I hear the parched cried/ I tried to be righteous/

Blood ties serpent lies the modern day crisis/

I search sightless for a path /cluttered with epitaphs/
With sins wrath I drown in times hour glass/

As words of slander clash/ I search for an answer/

My wallflower heart turns to a tireless dancer/

I take a gander in his eyes and clutch his garments/

His voice cleansed a heart that deserted and tarnished/

I’m prone to go alone through the broken catacombs/

I knew what to do but had the moses syndrome/

So I showed him my scars he showed me his/

He encouraged me with truth and fulfilled promises/

I responded with tears as he told me this/

He held me the closest and rained his opus in/
His Opus echoed in my soul/ a site to behold/

A twinkle in the cosmos/ sprinkle beautiful/

Opus echoed in my soul/ lit the dark road/

Composed a convenient that is never annulled/

2nd Verse (i.q.) lyrics not available